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Discover the iconic IRS Infinity Gamma Speakers with Servo Controller, crafted in early 1987 as a compact yet formidable sibling to the Infinity IRS and Beta. These speakers feature two 12-inch woofers with servo control to ensure tight bass response. Each speaker connects to an active servo controller that manages crossover functions for the Watkins woofers, utilizing sensors on the back of the top two woofers to regulate their movement, with the remaining woofers following as slaves.

Introduced in 1987, with minor updates in 1988/89, the IRS Gamma stands tall with dimensions of 160 x 56 x 36 cm and a weight of 63 kg. The setup includes 2 x 30 cm bass units, 1 x L-EMIM and 1 x EMIM for mids, and 2 x EMIT plus 1 x SEMIT for highs, supporting amplifiers rated from 75 to 400 watts per channel. The IRS Gamma boasts a frequency range of 15 Hz to 45 kHz, while the IRS Delta spans from 28 Hz to 45 kHz with crossover frequencies at 130 Hz, 750 Hz, 4500 Hz, and 10 kHz. The Gamma's distinctive feature is its special Servo Control unit for the bass drivers, setting it apart from the Delta model, which lacks this precise bass management.

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