Elevate Your Sound: Custom B&W Speaker Repair Services

Rediscover the true audiophile experience with bespoke repairs for Bowers & Wilkins speakers by Loudspeaker Repair. We rejuvenate your B&W speakers with the finest German precision - exclusively using original Kurt Müller surrounds for the purest sound.

We bring your speakers back to life with new, hand-wound voice coils that match the original specifications - for a sound experience that stays true to the B&W legacy.

Over time, ferrofluid in tweeters can deteriorate, compromising sound quality. Replacing this ferrofluid restores efficiency and revitalizes your highs.

As your speaker's crossover components age, they degrade. A tune-up after 12 years enhances the sound, particularly in the mid and high ranges, letting your music breathe anew. The effect on bass is minimal, but the overall harmony of the sound is enriched.

If your speaker cloth needs replacement, whether due to wear or curious pets, we provide impeccable renewal of your speaker fabric.