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Looking for professional tweeter diaphragm repair? At, we specialize in repairing tweeter diaphragms made of both fabric and metal domes. Our expert technicians restore your tweeter diaphragms to their optimal condition.

Our tweeter diaphragms, available in 4 or 8 ohm configurations, are typically 1-3 inches in size, ideal for high-frequency audio output. These dome membranes are carefully coated to achieve the perfect balance between fabric and resin, resulting in the required mechanical strength.

We use advanced materials like aluminum, titanium, or magnesium for our tweeter membranes. These may be finished with a ceramic surface for added rigidity, hardness, and mechanical resistance. Moreover, we utilize innovative PVD technology (DLC – Diamond-like carbon) to increase stability against deformation, contributing to enhanced audio performance.

At, we pride ourselves on our ability to repair all burned-out tweeters. Contact us today for all your tweeter diaphragm repair needs!

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